• 50th Year Park / Ankara

    The flag pole which is 110 m high and weighs 65 tons consists of 11 galvanized pieces. Erection of this pole was completed in 3 days, and Turkish flag of approximately 300 m² waves on the pole which is visible from all around Ankara. 

  • 420 kV OHTL Poles / Iceland

    Tubular Transmission line towers are manufactured by Mitaş Poles with a mast height up to 42 m and a base diameter of 3.2 m. Production of a Total tonnage of 3,200 tons was carried out by Mitaş Poles complete with design, detailing and preparation of manufacturing cards.

  • Eindhoven / Netherlands

    There are 300 led illuminations on this 50 m high pole which stands on four legs of 15 m height each. The pole deserves to be one of the symbols of the city, reflecting the modernist side of Eindhoven with its innovative design.