One of our specialties is helping our customers to find custom pole design that provides the perfect fit for their needs. If none of the products matches what our client envisions, our expert custom design services step in and work for the best solution which fulfills customer’s requirements.

Our engineering team is mainly engaged with design and detailing of steel poles. Their basic fields of design activities are as follows:

  • Overhead energy transmission poles
  • Telecommunication poles
  • High masts for stadiums, apron lighting, court lighting
  • Poles for urban lighting
  • Flag poles
  • Catanery poles
  • Advertisement pole
  • Traffic signalization poles and gantries
  • Special poles

The detailed works done in designing of the poles are as follows:

  • Load calculation
  • Design calculation
  • Foundation calculation
  • Pole work shop drawings
  • Pole assembly drawings
  • Preparation of production cards and BOM

Our engineering team has a dynamic and experienced staff, who have many experience in engineering area. The software used in the company are worldwide known programs as shown below :

a- SAP 2000 – General Purposes Structural analysis and design program

b- PLS Pole – Tubular System’s Structural design and Analysis program for Steel Masts

c- AutoCad – General Purposes CAD Drafting program

d- Solidworks- Solid modeling and 3D CAD (computer aided design) program

e- In house spreadsheets for load calculations acc. to different standards

We are capable of doing design according to any International standard shown below as well as to any national standards up on request.

a- ASCE Manual No: 72

b- ASCE Manual No:48

c- TIA-EIA 222 – F

d- TIA-EIA 222 – G

e- BSI CP 3

f- ILE TR7


h- BS6399

i- BS5649

j- TS 648

k- TS 498

l- EN 40 Part 1, EN 40 Part 2, EN 40 Part 3, EN 40 Part 3-1, EN 40 Part 3-2, EN 40 Part 3-3, EN 40 Part 4, EN 40 Part 5, EN 40 Part 6

Apart from our engineering team, we have also an engineering company called Mitas Engineering (Miteng) which gives service to all group companies as well as third parties. Their intention is to be able to serve to overall market needs which results in implementation of their engineering design consultancy experience and know-how on a wider range of customer portfolio.

They are mainly engaged in design and detailing of steel towers and steel structures. Main field of activities are as follows;

  • Design of overhead energy transmission lines and towers
  • Design of substation steel structures
  • Design of steel constructions
  • Full scale load test organizations and preparation of test programs
  • Technical consultancy


The detailed works done in designing of the towers are as follows:

  • Sag-tension and load calculation
  • Design calculation
  • Foundation calculation
  • Tower work shop drawings
  • Tower erection drawings
  • Preparation of production cards and BOM
  • Spotting of towers