Flag Poles

Mitaş flag poles are commonly preferred at schools, municipalities, governmental and private sector buildings with their aesthetic appearance. These poles, which can be produced between 5 and 110 meters, once galvanised, provide maintenance free operation for a minimum of 20 years in various outdoor environments.

Flag poles are designed either embedded or anchor bolted on foundation which provides easy erection, and can be hinged type or raising-and-lowering type. Flag dimensions should also be defined in the contract.

All flag poles are equipped with pulleys and ropes, for the poles more than 20m height, a mechanical winch for raising-and-lowering the flag is supplied with pole.

The highest poles produced by Mitaş Poles are;

  • 80m ATO (Ankara Commerce Chamber) 
  • 81m TURKMETAL Labor Union
  • 100m  Astana
  • 110m Çamlık Parkı (highest in Turkey)

    Furthermore, a 100m flag pole design has been successfully completed.

All flag poles are represented using commercial symbols.

The symbol for each pole defines the pole and height.

Example : 24m high flag pole is represented by the symbol ;
BD : Flag Pole
24 m is height