Transmission & Distribution Poles

Energy Transmission and Distribution poles have been a primary business for Mitaş Poles Inc. since 1994. Mitaş Poles is able to produce Transmission line poles up to 500 kV, low and medium voltage Distribution lines undertaking all associated works including design, manufacturing, galvanizing and installation.

Mitaş Poles Inc., thanks to its great experience in Transmission and Distribution lines including suspension and tension poles, has commissioned several successful projects, which can be checked from its reference list; such as 420kV Energy Transmission Poles for Iceland in 2006.

Poles up to 4,000mm pole diameter can be manufactured using Automated Submerged Arc Welding and Automated MIG/MAG Welding Machineries, LVD bending machinery which is capable of bending up to 20mm plate thickness, Plasma cutting technology under water up to 35mm thickness and Oxy-cutting technology up to 100mm plate thickness.

All manufacturing processes according to ASCE Manual 72 are strictly controlled by highly trained, experienced and certified quality inspectors of Mitaş Poles having Liquid Penetration, Magnetic, Ultrasonic and Radiographic NDT testing level II.

All poles are represented by using symbols.

The symbol for each pole defines pole type and top load.

Example : A distribution pole having 11m height and 1,500kg top load is represented by the symbol ;

EDH - 11 - 1500
EDH : Power Distribution Line pole
Height : 11m
Top Load : 1,500kg